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19 years ago I was given the name Cali Elizabeth.
Nursing Major at Seton Hall Univ.
Heart is Taken(:


Cuddling is about making her feel safe. To have your arms around her so she feels protected. Running your fingers along her arm and gazing into her eyes. No words will need to be said, for she will feel the love in every kiss. With her head against your chest she can feel your heart beating for her. Letting her know at that very moment nothing could go wrong.



When I pass this semester, I don’t care what anyone says… I will consider myself a superhero ( :


Dear coffee, 

Thank you for making cold, dark, sleepy mornings more bearable.

Thank you for allowing me to stay up late and finish that last, terribly dry reading.

Thank you for warming my hands as I wait for the bus on a cold January morning.

Thank you for getting me through boring 3-hour lectures.

Simply, dear coffee, thank for for always being there. You are a true friend.


A very sleepy nursing student.



Anatomy and Function of the Heart Valves (Source)

What are heart valves?

The heart consists of four chambers, two atria (upper chambers) and two ventricles (lower chambers). Blood passes through a valve before leaving each chamber of the heart. The valves prevent the backward flow of…